Petri Räisänen

Guruji in Mysore in February 6th 2007
(from the Petri's interview, original form)

you self take inside God
ordinary knowledge (vidya) is not about God
Brahma-vidya is teaching you are God
you take God inside
that Guru is teaching and you follow

it is possible for everybody
you take your sense organs in control
and you think God every day
think, think, think

you are not man
you are God
you think
think God
that is telling Guru
you everyday follow
every man is God
thinking God, thinking
that make you God
you also is God
every man is possible

everything is God, all the people are God, man also is God
you don't understand
but when understand
all is God
water, fire..all is God
all is making
God is making

you dont understand
if you are looking at the wall
no God no thinking
but if you think about God
the wall is also God
everything is God

you are thinking man
think with a power
that makes a God